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Postby SNM » Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:26 am

Greetings Everyone,

I'm am very happy to announce that our original run of projects is shaping up nicely. In fact most of them are already finished and awaiting release. With this in mind I think its about time for us to start off our new year with a new set of label projects.
So let me be the first to propose one, Mina and I have been discussing a "The Remixes" Rendition of "Blissphemy - Cernunnos" I have already gathered some interest for this project, a lil new blood for the label. And I will be making a post in current projects soon after this one with details.
So lets get some enthusiasm for the new year folks and propose us some ideas. Be it an idea for a themed compilation or just a solo release you have had on the back burner. We're geared up and ready to get this new year started off right [good]
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